House of Stone: Death III resumes with the introduction of the third son, the Little Brother who returns home upon learning of his father's death. He was cast out as a child when his father found him with another boy. Because of this, he was made to drown his first love, thus, in his father's mind, he drowned the unholy lust that had found seed in his young heart. 

This moment in the boy's life marked his fate, and in his years of wandering the plains, he found love in the death of the lovers he took, ashamed of what he could not control.

The Black Sister is awakened to find her youngest brother sitting in her room. As a child, he confided in her and now, he begins to speak with her again, this time, revealing the murderous legacy he had begun to write for himself.

Upon the return of the Little Brother, the Vergebian Union received the severed head in the court of their council. The head belonged to one of the 77 High Vergebians. A fatal mistake. The Vergebians dispatched their legions to destroy the House of Stone, sending along their general, one of the 77 High Vergebians, Vagus.

The Black Sister learns of this and becomes terrified, knowing of Vagus' reputation as an undefeated warrior. As the Vergebians advance, the First Born, Black Sister Little Brother and Second Sun prepare for the confrontation.

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